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Answers to Questions frequently asked by Corporate Clients

A: The MediDent Dental plan underwritten by Tune Insurance Malaysia Bhd (Tune Protect Malaysia) is Malaysia’s first Premium Dental Health Insurance. MediDent is a Managed Care Organisation founded and managed by healthcare professionals. Our corporate insured dental plans provide a comprehensive cover for the most common treatments you will require from your dentist.  MediDent has specialised in providing corporate dental health plans for over 18 years. Our dental plans are tailor made for each corporate client to easily align with your company’s dental employee benefits program.  

A: We  provide  a  comprehensive  range  of  services  to  Administer  and  Manage  your  Corporate Dental Plans including:

  • Managing the cost of the program, verifying claims and approving payments
  • A MediDent card that provides cashless dental treatment at any of our panel clinics for treatments covered*
  • Free initial dental consultation, oral examination
  • Scale and polishing covered as per your requirements
  • One common premium for your employees no matter what their age, gender or occupation
  • Discounted family plans available if you currently cover or intend to cover your employees’ dependents
  • Employees can seek treatment as soon as they receive their MediDent card
  • Choice from a nationwide network of Dental Panel Clinics

* Terms and Conditions apply as per the MediDent Schedule of Benefits

A: We provide a personal consultation for corporate clients to align the dental plan with your current dental employee benefits program and to effectively manage the cost of the dental plan for your organisation. Please contact us at 03-20709188 to arrange a free consultation 

A: Please contact us on or at 03-20709188 and we will assist you with a dental plan suitable for your organisation.

Answers to Questions frequently asked by MediDent cardholders

Your coverage is denoted by the plan that your company has decided to opt for and is stated on the card. If you are not sure what you are covered for please contact MediDent at 03-20709188.

MediDent has over 500 dental practitioners based at over 300 panel clinics nationwide. All you have to do is present your card upon arrival at the panel clinic and the staff will advise you accordingly. However, as dentists work by appointment, it would be best if you call and make an appointment to prevent you spending unnecessary time waiting at the clinic.

You can use the clinic listing that is available at to the “Find a Clinic” section at homepage.Choose “Insured Panel Clinics”, “state” and the “area within the state”.In the example below to find Insured Panel Clinics in KL City Center we would choose the following and press “Search”


This depends on what is covered by your company and  whether the treatment falls out of the scope of the Schedule of Benefits:

  1. When your company takes up our dental plan, there might be a co-payment component. For instance “Category II – 30%”. This means that 30% of the treatment cost is covered by the insurer while the rest is covered by you.
  2. The MediDent dental programme has 5 distinct categories, Category I till Category V. If your company has signed up for the programme that covers Category I and II treatment, but if you require Category IV treatment, for instance, then the dentist will inform you of this and you will need to bear the cost of treatments not covered by your dental plan 

You will have to submit to Tune Protect Malaysia the original receipt and they will liaise with MediDent to do the rest. However, in most cases, employees normally submit the receipts to the HR Dept of their companies to be sent to Tune Protect Malaysia. MediDent will contact the clinic and get your treatment details, verify your claim and send it to the Tune Protect Malaysia for payment approval. Once approved, Tune Protect Malaysia  will direct debit your account based on the bank account details that you have provided. Reimbursement will be according to the MediDent Schedule of Benefits.


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